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About us | Working at Middlestone

What it's like to work at Middlestone


A message from Terry, the founder of Middlestone:


"Our mission is to be a force for good in the business community.

And that starts with our own staff. I want everyone on our team to:

  • Feel that they are doing something worthwhile and making a difference

  • Feel appreciated and fairly compensated for their hard work

  • Feel that they are developing and progressing their careers

  • Feel comfortable giving feedback and proposing new ideas

  • Have time for their families and for life outside of work

After all, that is why I started Middlestone."

What would it be like for me to work at Middlestone?


We've worked hard right from the start to make the Middlestone group a decent, pleasant place to work. And we're really proud of what we've created.

Healthy work culture

We work hard to maintain our positive, people-first culture.

It starts with recruitment. We only recruit decent human beings—yes, we include a weighted score for "decent" behaviour during the recruitment process. We expect compassion, patience, and humility from everyone—at every level.

It continues with management. You'll be treated as an adult. Everything is transparent; from company policies and plans, to pay and pensions.

No one is excluded. Everyone pulls their weight. But because we'll treat you as an individual, we won't demand more of you than you can deliver.

Flexible working

We know that work is always only one part of your life. It's important that your work fits around your other responsibilities.

Everyone at Middlestone works remotely. We'll make sure you're set up with everything you need to work safely and comfortably.

Everyone at Middlestone works flexible hours. We'll agree with you a target number of hours each month, but you can choose when you work these—as long as you can make it to any necessary client meetings during traditional office hours.

Fair policies

Equity is one of our core values. When devising policies, we always ask: "Is this fair?". If it's not, we'll change it.

To start with, the same rules apply to everyone at Middlestone—at every level.

For example:

  • Everyone gets the same standard of work equipment
  • Everyone is allowed to work flexibly
  • Everyone's pay is on the same payscale
  • Everyone gets paid for the hours they work (including travel time)—not a fixed salary

The opportunity to grow and progress

No matter what your role at Middlestone, you'll get the opportunity to develop, to learn new things, and to progress towards achieving your own personal ambitions.

You'll get:

  • A clear career path within Middlestone
  • Paid time off to study
  • An allowance to spend on relevant training courses each year
  • Support from your manager to choose activities that progress your chosen career
  • The opportunity to work on projects that support your ambitions, where possible

Our commitments to looking after our people


We've worked hard right from the start to make the Middlestone group a decent, pleasant place to work. And we're really proud of what we've created.

Living Wage Employer Logo

We're a Living Wage Employer

We believe a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.

We've developed a fair pay scale that we're especially proud of. And we go out of our way to adjust the pay scale each year to reflect market changes.

Plus we've committed to pay all our staff, as an absolute minimum, the real Living Wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation.

We're Disability Confident

We're committed to creating an inclusive workplace. We're happy to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate people's unique needs.

And our flexible working policies allow us to offer opportunities to people for whom a traditional 9-to-5-with-commute may not work—including people with disabilities.

We've demonstrated this commitment by joining the UK government's 'Disability Confident' employer scheme.

Disability Confident Logo
Mental Health at Work Logo

We support mental health in the workplace

We know that for many, many people their workplace can contribute to their poor mental health. Many in our team know this first hand from previous roles.

We design our working practices with the health and safety—including the mental health—of our team firmly in mind.

And we're committed to creating a working environment where people feel just as comfortable talking about mental health issues as they are talking about physical health issues.

Read more about the Mental Health at Work commitment.

We're mindful of the impact of our policies

Working from home can work really well for some people, but if someone is experiencing domestic abuse, going out to the workplace might be their only safe place.

We never want our flexible working practices to put anyone on our team at risk. So we've joined up with the Employers' Initiative on Domestic Abuse to raise awareness among our staff and to create a safe, supportive, and open environment where we all look out for one another.

Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse logo

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