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Referral scheme

Refer friends and share £200.

Help a friend or colleague to save time, reduce stress and build a valuable business, and earn rewards—they'll get a discount too!


What we do for our clients

We believe that businesses are built to serve people. We help business owners—the people, not the faceless corporations—to get more out of their businesses. We help real people to have time for their families, to relax or to feel financially stable.

How the referral scheme works


Fill in a few details

We'll get in touch within a couple of business days to confirm you've joined the scheme. We may need more information from you, but usually this is enough.

Get your friend to contact us

Remember to ask them to quote your name when they get in touch with us.

You both get £100

Your friend will get a £100 off their first invoice and you'll get £100 paid to you.

Who can join the referral scheme?

Anyone in the UK can join the referral scheme. Either as an individual or as a business.


Existing clients

Open to all existing clients. You don't even have to register.

business advisors

Business Advisers

Such as accountants, lawyers and business coaches.


Influencers and networkers

You can refer your network of contacts, friends and family.



Literally anyone in the UK can join.

Join the scheme now

Join the scheme and start earning rewards!

Terms and Conditions


Full terms and conditions are available, these are the highlights.

The referral scheme is open to individuals and companies in the UK.

Joining the referral scheme doesn't make you our agent or employee. You are not entitled to use our trademarks or copyrighted materials.

You may make as many referrals as you like.

Referrals must be for businesses that are not already our clients.

You cannot refer yourself. You cannot refer any organisation which you own (or partly-own) or in which you work as a director, partner or equivalent. You can refer family members, including your spouse.

Your friend's discount will show on their first invoice. Your friend must tell us that you referred them before we raise their first invoice. Your referral reward will become due when we receive payment of that invoice. No discount or reward will be due if we are not made aware of it before we raise the first invoice to your friend.

If more than one person claims to have introduced your friend, we will pay the referral reward to the first one we became aware of. Our decision on this will be final.

Your referral reward will be paid direct to a UK bank account—we'll ask you for the details when your first reward becomes due.

We will not share with you any confidential information about your friend's business.

You will be solely responsible for any tax due on the referral reward. However, if you provide us with your valid VAT number, we will add VAT to your referral reward. You must then provide us with a valid VAT receipt or invoice.

We will not be liable for any losses resulting from lost referrals or late payment of referral rewards.

We can withdraw or change the terms of this scheme at any time without notice.