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Implementing new software and hardware into your business.

Define, choose, and implement new business systems—all done for you.

Are you implementing new software or hardware into your business?

We can take the stress out of finding, choosing and getting started with new business systems.

We'll walk you through our proven step-by-step process:

Stage 1: Define exactly what you need

The first step is to make a list of what you need. This means knowing your business, your processes and any problems you're trying to solve.

Stage 2: Find and research systems for you

Search the market for suitable systems. Trial each system on the list. Remove any that don't work for you in practice.

Stage 3: Help you decide which is best for you

Help you decide which software package and supplier is going to be the best fit for your business.

Stage 4: Work with the supplier to get you up-and-running

Now you've decided, we'll work with your chosen supplier, configure your new system, migrate your data to the new software, and train your users.

Getting your requirements right is the key to getting the right software

We'll talk to you and your team—spending on average 2 hours with each person—to really find out about your business.

We can then pin-point exactly how you need a new system to work.

The next step is to find suitable systems for you

Our software selection services will help you find and compare systems based on your unique business needs.


  • Shortlist suitable software

  • Try out each system for you

  • Research each supplier for you

We'll help you make the right choice

Once we have researched suitable system, we'll be able to support you to choose the right system for your business.


  • Guide you through our recommendations

  • Attend software demonstrations with you

  • Answer any questions you have

  • Help you decide which is best for you

Finally, we'll support your implementation project

We'll then continue to provide assistance until you're fully up-and-running with your new systems.

We can provide project management support, hardware advice, and logistical support to ensure you and your team are ready to go.

We can also provide practical help to get data out of your old systems and imported into your new system.

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How we can help you with your system implementation

Your business and situation is unique. But here are a few ways that our clients tell us they have benefited from our support.

Your business benefits


Your business will benefit from having a guide on hand to help you make the right decision, to point out any potential problems, and support you to really get the most out of your new system.

Fresh perspective

Your business will benefit from the fresh perspective that an independent business analyst will bring.

Being on the outside looking in, we can sometimes get a clearer view of what you need.

Independent advice

Your business will benefit from impartial, unbiased advice.

We're not trying to sell you any one system. We're on your side. If we think something is in your best interests, we'll tell you about it.

You benefit

You don't need to worry

You can relax, it's not all on you.

You can be confident that you're getting it right

You can be confident, knowing that your software is being selected the right way, supported by specialists, using a proven methodology.

You can ask us anything

You get to ask questions, run things past us and use us as a sounding board.

No question is a stupid question, and we're happy to share what we know.

You save time, by letting us do the hard work

Let us do the hard work.

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