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Documenting your business processes.

Create easy-to-use manuals, work instructions, and written procedures for your business.

What is business process documentation?

Business process documentation includes all documents which describe your business processes, not just process maps.

Process documentation includes:

  • Process models (process maps)

  • Customer journey diagrams

  • Policy documents

  • Operating manuals

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Work instructions

  • Checklists

  • Templates

  • Customer guides

What is business process mapping then?

Business process mapping is a way of visually representing the work that your business does.

Each step of the work is drawn as a shape.

Read more about our specific business process mapping service.

How can having clear process documentation help you?

Often, the first step to successfully scaling a business is to capture all the information held in peoples' heads.

Business process mapping is also the first step to optimising your business processes. Having efficient business processes will save you time and money.

You benefit

Process documentation makes it easier to train new staff

You'll spend less time training, there are fewer mistakes for you to fix, and happier staff.

Delegate effectively

Clear work instructions provide a clear way to communicate what needs to be down, so there is no confusion. This allows you to delegate with confidence.

Encourage team work

Transparent processes encourage teamwork.

If all members of the team can visualise their part in the business process, then they can work together to make life easier for the next person down the line.

Your team benefits

Clear processes reduce employee stress

Confusing processes are stressful. Having clear process documentation, is much easier for new staff.

Your team understand the part they play in your business, and this makes for a calmer workplace.

Improve personal confidence

With clear process documentation, your team can be confident that they know what is expected of them.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Reducing stress and ambiguity in your business will improve morale and help you retain key staff.

Your business benefits

Improve business performance

Process diagrams quickly show you where you can save time and money.

Because by visualising the process you can find ways to improve it.

Provide a world-class service

Process documentation helps you to create standardised services, so your customers receive the same great level of service every time.

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