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Digital transformation consulting.

Accelerating your business to digital speed

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means changing how you operate

Digital transformation means changing your operations to provide a service as fast and as conveniently as your customers expect in a digital world.

  • We all expect information to be free and easy to access. As easy as reaching into our pockets for our phones.
  • We're used to buying goods at the touch of a button, and them arriving the next day.
  • We're often happy to pay for convenience.

How does your business compare to this expectation?

Digital transformation affects the whole business

Because every part of the business should be working together to provide customers with what they want, digital transformation affects every part of your business.

To successfully transform you business, you'll need to:

  • Know who your customers are and what they value from you

  • Work out how you can give customers what they want, even if they don't know it themselves

  • Implement systems to provide this quickly and conveniently—this is the technology part

Digital transformation is not an IT project

Digital transformation (sometimes shortened to DX) is not about using any particular technology.

It's not about moving to the cloud, adopting AI, machine learning or some other trending technology.

Digital transformation projects should not be lead by technology, but by customers and business users. Therefore DX projects should not be lead by the IT department.

When do you need a business analyst in your digital transformation project?

Business analysis is a skillset that includes more specific roles, such as systems analysis, requirements gathering and analysis, enterprise analysis and data analysis. Keep reading to learn how each of these roles could help your digital transformation project.

Getting your digital transformation project off the ground

We can support you to get your digital transformation project up and running.

  • Identifying key customer groups

  • Identifying key processes

  • Planning your digital transformation project

Process mapping

Often the first step of a digital transformation project is to survey your current position.

Business systems analysis when you need to improve efficiency

Our business analysts can help you take control of your business processes. Optimised processes will help you deliver your services at digital speed.

Requirements gathering when you want to buy a new software system

We can help you find the perfect software to automate parts of your business—an important component of implementing your digital transformation strategy.

Requirements gathering when you plan to build a new software system

Our business systems analysts sit with end-users, and really get to know how your business works.

With this, we then create business requirements documentation that will serve as a solid foundation to build your new systems on.

How can our digital transformation consultants help you?

Your business and situation is unique. But here are a few ways that our clients tell us they have benefited from our digital transformation consultancy service.

Your business benefits


Your business will benefit from having a guide on hand to help you make the right decision, to point out any potential problems, and support you to really make the most of the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

Fresh perspective

Your business will benefit from the fresh perspective that an independent business analyst will bring.

Being on the outside looking in, we can sometimes get a clearer view of what you need.

Independent advice

Your business will benefit from impartial, unbiased advice.

We're not trying to sell you any one system. We're on your side. If we think something is in your best interests, we'll tell you about it.

You benefit

You can be confident that you're getting it right

You can be confident, knowing that your software is being selected the right way, supported by specialists, using a proven methodology.

You can ask us anything

You get to ask questions, run things past us and use us as a sounding board.

No question is a stupid question, and we're happy to share what we know.

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