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Requirements document product description

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Requirements document product description

The specification for our standard requirements document

We can create a requirements documents as part of our requirements gathering service.

A completed requirements document will:

  • Provide clear guidance on how your systems could work
  • Summarise your business requirements
  • Allow a software developer to price up your system
  • Allow a software developer to build your system
  • Give you confidence when explaining your needs to software developers

This resource describes the key features of the requirements document.

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Requirements document product description
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Requirements gathering service

Requirements gathering—more formally called requirements elicitation—is the process of collecting a list of business needs from various stakeholders.

This can be done through holding workshops or sitting with people individually. Requirements are gathered by asking users

  • how they currently work,
  • particularly what is not working well, and
  • how they'd like any new system to work.

Once the requirements have been gathered, it's important to document and prioritise these business requirements—although in the technical world that part is usually called requirements analysis.

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