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Financial models and forecasts using Microsoft® Excel.

Preparing for the road ahead with business plans and financial models.

Good planning helps you achieve your ambitions.

If you want to build a valuable business, then you'll need a plan. You're also going to need a plan if you want to raise finance, plan projects or set budgets.

Answer the important questions

Good financial models help you answer those all-important questions:

  • Can we make a profit?
  • What do we need to do to achieve our ambitions?
  • Will we have enough money?
  • What resources will we need?

Can you answer these quickly and confidently? Do you consistently get the same answer?

Increase confidence

Robust financial models are designed to:

  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Highlight problems

This gives you confidence that your plans won't be torn to shreds by potential investors, or that the bank manager won't find a glaring arithmetic mistake.

Get funding

Get the funding your business needs to succeed. Funders and investors will want to see a forecast.

Increase your chances of securing funding with a professional and well thought out financial model.

  • Give investors confidence in your business
  • Answer their questions before they ask them

How we can help

We have experience of building plans for many different business models. We've been asked to train others on how to build professional financial models.

process step 1meeting
process step 2technical analysis
process step 3spreadsheet
process step 4forecast
process step 5training
process step 6ongoing support

You tell us about your business or idea

We'll talk with you and find out what it is you're trying to achieve. This is vital to then build a plan around the desired results.

We'll treat all information you share with us as confidential.

technical analysis

Together, we'll identify your business drivers

We'll find the key assumptions that will drive your plans. Usually, that is things like sales volumes, selling prices and growth forecasts.

We'll then work with you to link other forecast numbers to these drivers—for example, when you sell your first million units, how many employees will you need to support these sales.


We'll build a robust financial model

We'll prepare a financial model in Microsoft Excel that represents your project or business.

The financial model will be designed so that you can change your assumptions and prepare different scenarios and see the revised forecast in real-time.


We'll work with you to prepare different scenarios

We'll sit with you to fine-tune the assumptions that drive your financial model. We'll explore what happens when we change these assumptions.

For each scenario the financial model will show you:

  • a Profit and Loss (also known as an Income Statement)
  • a Balance sheet (also known as a Statement of Financial Position), and
  • A Cash Flow Statement.

We'll train your team

We'll train your team to amend assumptions, update actual results or integrate the financial model into your existing workflow.

ongoing support

We make sure you have support

We'll make sure you have all the ongoing support you need to succeed. We'll work with you to make sure you're completely confident about your forecast, especially if you plan to present your financial model to investors or the bank.

And of course, if your model is audited as part of a due diligence process, we'll liaise with the audit firm to answer any technical questions about the financial model's inner workings.

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Examples of our clients' successes


We love it when businesses do well. Here are some of the projects where we've helped our clients to solve problems that were holding them back:

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