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Client story

Automating cheque processing and posting


While cheques are hardly ever used by individuals, they are still common amongst small businesses. Our client, a small factoring firm, found cheque processing very time-consuming.

Our client's cash team spent 75% of their time processing cheques, while cheques only accounted for 7% of all receipts.

How we helped

We investigated several solutions to reduce the time taken—mainly focusing on reducing manual data entry.

We put together a complete end-to-end process, including CIPRO from Business Systems Ltd—driven by a powerful handwriting recognition system from Burroughs Payment Systems.

The final system scans and reads the cheques—including handwritten amounts—seamlessly passing the bank data and cheque values to the back-office systems.

Canon CR55
Canon CR55
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The results

Cheque processing times reduced by 83%.

The system avoids re-keying, but also, because of its in-built validation system it completely eliminated errors. This reduced queries and complaints, providing a better service to the firm's customers.


errors entered the system


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