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Client story

Implementing self-billing for commission payments


Financial services firms often rely on external advisers to sign-post customers to their products. Our client realised that their process to pay commission to these advisers was wasting resources and wasn't providing the service they expected.

How we helped

We set up a self-billing scheme so that our client could bill itself for commission due to external advisers.

We then designed a system to automate the production of self-billed invoices—using the technology they already had.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel
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The results

This project saved the company days of work every month, and hugely improved relationships with business advisers.

The process was reduced from two weeks of effort, to less than two hours per month. Payment times reduced from up to 45 days to around 4 days.

This lead to one broker describing our client as "by far the most efficient... in the industry".


reduction in payment times


saving in time

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