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Client story

Streamlining credit decisions


For our client, credit decisions were taking too long. Staff worked from a printed list, and had to consult three or four difference screens for each decision.

How we helped

We worked with the client to investigate what information would speed up decision-making.

We streamlined the process, so that each case was presented to the decision-maker, so that they didn't hunt around for the information. We prepared statistics based on the clients own data and integrated with data from a Credit Reference Agency.

We then automated the system to make easy "Yes" decision automatically—based on more than 40 different measures.

The system is powered by a Kofax TotalAgility® business process management system and includes a COBOL interface in to an IBM® iSeries® (AS/400) server, as well as a practical web-based user-interface.

Kofax TotalAgility
Kofax TotalAgility
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The results

The system automatically approves 41% of decisions, leaving skilled team members to concentrate on the more difficult cases.

Because the team don't have to jump between screens and search for information decisions are quicker.

The backlog of cases waiting for decisions has been eliminated.


backlog of cases


reduction in workload

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