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Client story

Building credit card payments into the credit control process


Our client was taking £50,000 by credit card each month, but poor systems meant that mistakes were being made.

The credit control team would accept credit card payments over the phone while chasing overdue debt. But to do this, they had to log into two different systems, copy data from one system to another and manually work our payment charges.

How we helped

We added a button to the client's legacy system. And linked it to a macro written in the legacy system's language.

The solution sums up the required invoices, applies surcharges and passes relevant references to the card terminal—leaving the credit controller to just take the card details.

Raised hands

The results

This was a very small project, but it drastically reduced mistakes, saved call centre time, and saved back-office allocation time.

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System Integration

System integration is the job of linking up separate software and hardware so that they work together as one system.

Think of it as making your business tools talk to each other.

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